Furnace CCTV Transfer Devices

SOBOTTA GmbH can look back on over 45 years of experience in the development and design of automatic transfer devices for high temperature applications. The systems have been continuously improved to guarantee safety and a long lifetime of the CCTV system in harsh industrial environments. In the event of an alarm the furnace probe will be automatically retracted from the high temperature area.

  • Extremely flexible and versatile for use with: TV furnace probes, Gas sampling probes, infrared (IR) cameras
  • Stroke adapted individually between 400 mm and 1200 mm, bigger stroke available on request
  • Space-saving linear technology
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Any installation position is possible (even vertical installation, retraction against the force of gravity), position of the probe can alternatively be above, below or sideways to the transfer device
  • Compact design
  • Water-cooled systems for permanent use in high temperatures environments (e.g. glass industry)
  • Vertical rotating systems with electric drive available as optional equipment

Components for systems with transfer device:

Furnace Probes

Option of axial or radial viewing direction with lenses in picture angles varying from 70° to 110°, camera available as network camera, analogue camera or infrared (IR) camera.


Camera System Cable

12 x flex 0.25 mm² with integrated 1 x 75 Ohm video conductor, double shielded both ends with 16-pin heavy duty connector coated with SILTEMP protection, heat resistant up to 230 °C. For network cameras and IR cameras a CAT8 cable is integrated.

Automatic Transfer Device

Pneumatically operated, with rodless cylinder for shorter length, including hinged flange for easy angle adjustment, including probe holder with clamp for easy and fast assembling of furnace probe, variable insertion length inside the furnace.

Control and Supply Cabinet

For monitoring cooling media, compressed and purging air. Including pressure container for automatic emergency retraction in case of compressed air failure. All alarms will be reported potential free to the control center either as single or group alarm. Optional remote control of the transfer device from the control center.

Metal Flex Hoses

1 x NW 8 DKL 10 for purging air
2 x NW 8 DKL 10 for operating air
2 x NW 13 DKL 15 for cooling medium

Sicromal Tube and Shutter Box

to be mounted at the furnace opening. A Sicromal tubemade of material 1.4841 will be inserted into the furnace opening. The shutter box operates automatically by spring power and shuts the furnace opening in case the furnace probe is removed.

Mounting Plate

Interface between transfer device and system supplied by customer, will be welded onto the boiler’s outer wall by welder, stud bolts enable convenient mounting and assembling of the entire transfer device.

Sealing Flange

To seal furnace opening while furnace probe is in observation position. Clamp connection for easy axial adjustment. ISOPLAN coating seals between the flange and shutter box.

Stop Cylinder

To secure retracted position in depressurized state, permanently prevents the probe from re-entering the furnace through gravitational force. Necessary in case of inclination downwards. Stop cylinder is not needed when probe is mounted horizontally.

17″ Color Monitor

Desktop application 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Make: EIZO Flex Scan 24″ LCD monitor