Furance CCTV Fix Mounting

Water cooled furnace probes with integrated CCD cameras and specific furnace lenses facilitate a high quality, continuous visual control of processes inside furnaces.

Why fix mounting?

  • Fix mounting of furnace CCTV is used where perfect sealing of the observation opening is required.
  • Additionally, the availability of space needs to be considered during the decision making. An automatic transfer device requires some space outside of the observation opening depending on the thickness of the wall and the corresponding stroke. Hence, where the available space is limited, fix mounting of the furnace probe is the ideal solution.
  • In cases where the available budget is low, fix mounting can serve as an affordable solution.


Strengths and weakness of fix mounting

  • Small dimensions allow the use in areas with limited space
  • The system can also be used in furnaces which require perfect sealing
  • The system has comparatively low acquisition costs
  • In the event of an alarm the furnace probe needs to be immediately removed to avoid overheating damage

Components for systems with fix mounting:


Furnace Probes

Option of axial or radial view direction with lenses in picture angles varying from 70° to 110°, camera available as network camera, analogue camera or infrared (IR) camera.



Camera System Cable

12 x flex 0.25 mm² with integrated 1 x 75 Ohm video conductor, double shielded both ends with 16-pin heavy duty connector coated with SILTEMP protection, heat resistant up to 230 °C. For network cameras and IR cameras a CAT8 cable is integrated.


Mounting Flange

For fixing at the furnace opening. Installation also possible with little available space. The furnace probe is secured with a clamp, therefore the entering depth is variable.


Sicromal Tube and Shutter Box

To be inserted into the furnace opening. A Sicromal tube made of material 1.4841 will be inserted into the view opening. The shutter box operates automatically by spring power and shuts the furnace opening in case the furnace probe is removed.


Control and Supply Cabinet

For monitoring of cooling media and purging air. Alarm signal either optical or acoustic and will be reported potential free to the control center either as group alarm in case of failure of a medium.


Metal Flex Hoses

1 x NW 8 DKL 10 for purging air
2 x NW 13 DKL 15 for cooling medium