Furnace CCTV Accessories

SOBOTTA GmbH offers additional peripheral devices for their furnace CCTV systems. These include water/water cooling systems as well as rotation devices.

Water/Water Cooling System

Water/Water coolers offer a reliable cooling also in cases, in which on site water is contaminated or showing a high grade of hardness.
Contrary to water/air back cooling systems the water/water cooler can also be used effectively at installation sites with an ambient temperature of > 45°C.


The water/water cooler has a secondary water circulation for cooling the probe. The water circulation is closed and is operated with purified water, so that the probe is protected against calcination and contamination.

The water of the secondary water circulation is back cooled in the tubular cooler by means of primary cooling water. Primary cooling water is on-site water with no special requirements regarding contamination or hardening, because the primary connections of the tubular cooler are amply laid out accordingly.

For the normal control of correct operations both primary and secondary circulation has pressure and temperature displays.


Optional equipment:

  • Depending on the desired cooling capacity the heat exchanger can be extended as required
  • Technical design can be upgraded regarding evaluation sensor
  • Drip tray available for potential leakage

Rotation Devices


Electrical rotation device with position detector DV-E

  • The optional position detector with analogue output allows the camera positions to be clearly defined in order to precisely localize defective cladding, faulty processes or early blockages
  • A brake guarantees exact positioning without any stop delay. All control commands can be controlled remotely from the control center


Electrical rotation device in heavy construction DV-S

  • The strengthened storage of the electrical rotating device in heavy construction guarantees continuously reliable handling of heavy weight probes. The heavy construction is recommended for furnace probes from a length of 1300 mm