ISGM Protective Housing

Industrial protective housing for CCTV systems


High quality CCTV solutions for harsh environments demand equally professional protective housing in order to withstand the tough everyday conditions. A permanent solution will only be achieved by means of individual adaptation of the camera peripheral equipment to each task. With the new housing series SEO-M it is now possible to make the special solution standard. Through the modular design, task-specific adaptations can be implemented in the easiest way possible. Likewise, retrofitting and upgrade of individual housing is possible with the modular design.

Through joint development with our customers we have managed to create a system which optimally meets the requirements. An extremely robust and technically perfect construction are self-evident, just like ensuring high ease of maintenance and easy handling in mounting and commissioning.

The most important key data:

  • Housing lengths variable from 300 mm to 500 mm
  • Housing diameter 114 mm, wall thickness 3 mm
  • Single-walled housing can be shortened by customer, without subsequent welding or turning operations
  • Water/gas-cooled housing available Ø 129 mm
  • Modular front design with changeable plates both in hardened, tempered borosilicate, and dielectric heat reflection mirror for efficient and color-neutral heat/light separation, stainless steel iris for application of pinhole lenses, also in connection with pinhole motor zoom 4-20 mm
  • Integrated housing design, completely in stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A)
  • Camera module capable of rotation, any picture angle possible
  • Housing attachment optionally on the side, above or below through rotation module
  • Integrated sealing system IP 67
  • Back-wall system plug 16-pin
  • Accessories: Glass heater, sun roof etc.

Components for protective housings

All housing is modular in design and consists of a camera module, a housing cylinder (single or double-walled for water or gas cooling), and a front cover with plate room. The illustration shows the purging air attachment. The module and front cover are mounted with a clamped joint, sealed with o-rings in seamless precision. All housing components are finished in stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A). The outer dimension of all single-walled types of housing is 114 mm and of double-walled types of housing 129 mm. The inner width (span) inside the housing is always 108 mm in diameter. This allows to choose between a very large selection of cameras and lenses.
All housing variants are equipped with a camera holder and cover plate. The standard plug is a 16-pin heavy duty connector with flip top closure for proper contact and safe, failure-free handling even in harsh conditions. The camera module is capable of rotation and therefore allows optimal adaptation to the item being observed. In addition 90° marks are available, which guarantee that “home position” is easy to find.
Illustration of a SEO-M E114 Max-M, a single-walled protective housing with borosilicate glass plate and additional air purging attachment. The attachment is additionally mounted on the front cover and suits any type of housing.
The front cover with plate room can incorporate any plate. The illustration shows the standard with a 5 mm strong borosilicate glass plate, which is also hardened and tempered. This achieves a very high thermal shock resistance, so that a cold water shock cannot damage a potentially hot plate. With a material strength of 5 mm an extreme resistance to mechanical loads is achieved. The plates are of course changeable and sealed between o-rings. The plates can be changed using the appropriate tooling (left in the picture) within seconds. Possible plates are: Borosilicate, dielectric heat reflection mirror with very high reflection and extremely high visual transmission, iris application for pinhole lenses. Customer-specific special adaptations and blocking filters can be supplied at your request.

Components for water-cooled protective housings

All options such as retrofitting and partial selection to minimize the spare parts inventory are possible. These are further cost saving advantages for the user.
The cooling media connection (G1/2’’ internal thread) lies on the housing end on 6:00 and 12:00 position. If the connections in the rear area interfere just once, the housing can be reversed very easily by the modular design, so that both connections are in the front area.
For the application of CCTV technology in the warm or hot range, where a continuous temperature cannot be guaranteed according to the camera specification (typical value: max. 55 °C camera temperature), an air or water cooling of the housing should be used. The front cover and the camera module are identical in the single-walled type, only the housing is provided with a double wall with integrated water system, in order to ensure an equal cooling media flow, free of dead storage capacity. All advantages of modular design are present here. Of course this housing is also consistently made from stainless steel 1.4574 (V4A).